The IBM 7090 was the first computer to use transistors instead of vacuum tubes
It was released in 1959 and was used throughout the 1960s


MP3 Track 2: Fantasia
This work (composed in the 16th century) is played to demonstrate the performance of conventional music on the computer. The original score is for three recorders. The wave shape is sinusoidal (the shape of a tone which is a pure fundamental, without overtones or harmonics). The attack was copied from that of a recorder, and includes an initial burst simulating a tonguing noise.

MP3 Track 3: Bicycle Built for Two The computer can also be programmed to speak and sing, as is illustrated by the last verse of this familiar ditty. The patterns of human speech are analyzed in the same manner as the instrumental sounds. The computer is then programmed to speak the desired words. On this band the computer not only was programmed to sing but also to simulate a Honky Tonky type of piano accompaniment that was popular during the era when this song was a hit.

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